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English as a New Language (ENL)

PS 14 Language Programs


PS 14 has three different language learning programs to choose from.


English as a New Language, also called ENL, is an important part of our PS 14 community. All students who are considered English Language Learners participate in this state mandated program. The program is centered around the four modalities of learning English; listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students are instructed in the four modalities using a push-in (within the classroom) and pull-out (small group instruction) models .



The Dual Language program is a model that is split between two languages, English and Spanish. The ultimate goal of this program is biliteracy and bioracy. Students do not need to be Enlgish Language Learners to participate in this program. Students receive daily instruction in both English and Spanish in all content areas. The goals of the two-way DLBE programs are for all multilingual learners, including ELLs, to:

• Develop bilingualism and biliteracy based on high proficiency levels in two languages, English and a partner language.

• Achieve academically in both languages. • Attain cross-cultural competencies within a linguistically and culturally diverse community.

There are two teachers (one Spanish and one English) and two classrooms. Students stay with their class but rotate between the classrooms depending on the language of instruction for the particular day.


The third language learning program at PS 14 is the Transitional Bilingual program. This program is specifically for English Language Learners who speak the same language. At PS 14, the language of instruction is Spanish. The goals of a TBE program are for ELLs to:

· Develop English proficiency, while obtaining mastery of grade-level content in their home language.

· Achieve academically in English.

· Transition out of a TBE classroom and into a monolingual setting (once their English proficiency is reached) and continue to find opportunities to maintain multilingualism and multiliteracy.

· Develop pride in their own culture while valuing and affirming the diverse cultures and perspectives of all students.

This program begins the school year in Spanish and gradually reduces the Spanish instruction and increases the English instruction. Students remain in this program until they achieve English Language proficiency. As students meet the exit criteria, they can:

• Fully transition to an English-only environment • Remain in the program for two more years with parental consent (if available)

• Transition to a DLBE program (if available)

Meet the ENL Team
Hello PS 14 Families! My name is Mrs. Casale and I have been a teacher at PS 14 for the past ten years. I have spent the previous nine years in special education and switched to providing ENL service for this school year. Many of may know me from registration and most of your children know me from testing. My favorite part of my job at PS 14 making sure every student has equal access to our curriculum no matter which language they speak. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all!
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