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We Are Now a Music and the Brain School

First Graders Learning to Play the Keyboard

Music Programs and Partnerships at PS14

Senior Violins Mentoring Beginner Students

P.S.14Q Musical Theater Performance of Aladdin Coming Soon

La Flor in Havana

P.S.14 School Song

Band Performs Havana at John Bowne High School

Junior Violin

Warm Up to these Scales

 63 Scale Simulator.m4a  62 Down The D Major Scale.m4a  69 D Major Scale Up.m4a  64 Essential Elements Quiz - The D Major Scale.m4a 

Practice Play Along Tracks

 O S.m4a  

T L S Theme.m4a  

TLS PepperoniPizza.m4a  

TLS EighthNotes.m4a  

TLS Pineapple.m4a  

TLS Triplets.m4a 

 TLS PepperoniPepperoni.m4a

Senior Violin Ensemble Accompaniment

Use these tracks to practice at home 

C L.m4a 

M 1.m4a  

M 1 accompaniment.m4a  

M 2.m4a 

M 2 accompaniment.m4a  

M 3.m4a  

M 3 Accompanimentm4a.m4a  

P M.m4a  

S J.mp3 


B C H.mp3 


School Year Highlights