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Physical Education

Healthy Habits!

Here are some great ideas to better ourselves to be the best we can!

1. Learn New Things -  Find an activity that makes you feel happy. Challenge yourself to sing, dance, cook, draw, etc..

2. Improve Education - There are many ways you can accomplish this, read 20 mins a day, learn a new word, dig deeper with your favorite subject.

3.  Stop Eating Junk Food - Limit junk food and replace it with a healthier snack, fruits and veggies work best!

4.  Start Exercising - Get your body moving! If it's too cold, or its snowing/raining,  jog in place, do some push ups, curls up, or stretches.

5. Go "Green" -  Try to use less energy, watch less TV, unplug everything and challenge yourself to fitness exercises.

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At Home Activity Packet - Actividades

You can try the following activities.

Try the active home activity log page below

Jump Rope: If you have a jump rope, you can review some of the Single Jump Rope Tricks we learned in PE. If you have a sibling or family member you could even try out some of the Partner Tricks we learned!

Throwing and Catching:  If you have space in your yard and it’s safe to go outside, try to practice throwing and catching with a family member with a ball or a frisbee

K-1: Underhand Throwing (ball)

2-5: Overhand Throwing (ball)

How to throw a Frisbee

Basketball: If you have a basketball or playground ball, practice some of the ball handling drills and challenges that we worked on in PE over the last few weeks

Ball Handling Drills Tutorial

Ball Handling Drills Follow Along